July 16, 2017

How it Works

“Family Sounds” isn’t quite a podcast, at least in the conventional sense.  Think about it more like a service: if you’re interested, you can commission us to create a long-form audio documentary about a member of your family.  In the same way, old European kings might get a painting made of themselves to commemorate their life and accomplishments, our team at Family Sounds is practiced in turning your family’s stories into artful, cohesive documents that can be enjoyed for generations to come.  If you have an interest in retaining the memories of your loved ones in a professionally-crafted, permanent, entertaining form, there’s simply no alternative to what we do here.  But how do we do it?

Step One: we talk. Who is the show going to be about?  Tell us about them. We want to know why you came to us, why you think your family member’s story is worth telling, and how you’d like to see it told.  Here’s your chance to exercise authority in how we conduct the episode–if there’s anything specific you want to be included (or expressly not included), any questions or topics important to explore, an end you’d like to see manifest.  We want to get on the same page so that once you hand the task to us, you’re confident what you’re getting is what you want.

After initial consultations, our veteran producers will work to prepare the episode–we make sure we’ve done our research, have an idea of where the story might go, and build a structure to sustain it.  Then, we’ll send a member of our team to interview your family member.  We know it’s a bit unusual, to have a stranger in your home asking very personal questions for hours on end, so we do our best to make our clients feel maximally relaxed and comfortable speaking.

After the interview, the rest is in our hands.  We allot a great deal of time to writing, editing, and further research in order to produce the highest-quality episode attainable for your family member’s story.  More than anything, we want to create the best possible production.  We’re stubborn.  Many ideas, hands and hours go into finishing an episode of “Family Sounds” about your family member so that once it’s done we’ll be satisfied and you’ll be happy.

 We know this is, and want it to be, an important thing to you, so feel free to ask us any outstanding questions you might have regarding content, pricing, privacy, quality assurance, or anything else.  Please contact us through the forms listed on our website, or the phone or email information at the bottom of our home page, if you’d like to pursue an episode about someone you love.