The Benefits of the Audio Format for Documenting Family History

While most are inclined to preserving life stories of their loved ones in the more traditional formats – in writing or in the visual medium of film – we harness the benefits of audio to tell stories in a way that proves to be highly engaging. Throughout human history, stories have been shared from generation to generation, mostly when elder persons share tales of their lives with the young, both to preserve memories and teach lessons.  There is quite literally no older human art than that of spoken family storytelling…

The Birnbaums’ Life Story – Part 2

We’re continuing to tell you the story of Ervin and Hadassa Birnbaum and their family. In the last episode, we heard how Ervin and Hadassa survived WWII, Ervin in Europe and Hadassa in New Jersey. We continue our story after the war, when both Ervin and Hadassa wanted to move to Palestine, which was still under British mandate. But they had different ways of reaching the same conclusion.