The Perfect Gift for an Elderly Family Member: A Life Story Preserved

There seems to be a growing interest in family history in recent years, with the widespread popularity DNA tests that reveal people’s ethnic and geographical roots. Services that help people explore and piece together their family trees such as MyHeritage and Ancestry are thriving as well. While looking to the past in order to preserve your family history is essential, it is equally important to avoid neglecting the opportunities that you have at the present. The opportunity to preserve the life stories of the older generation in our families while it can be provided in full detail is priceless, especially for the next generations.

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From Broadcast to Podcast: Audio entertainment makes a comeback

Creating documentaries about elderly family members is a wonderful way to preserve their life story so that it lives on for generations to come. Some people commission a written biography, others create video documentaries and the audio format of a documentary is raising in popularity as other audio content (audiobooks, podcasts) are consumed on a regular basis by the majority of people in today’s digital age. Those of us who grew up on television and at the brink of the digital revolution tend to feel a disconnect with our parents and grandparents who were raised in much simpler times. But the re-emerging popularity audio-content industry is one of the digital age’s products. Audiobooks and podcasts are easy to access and renew that appreciation of stories told with a human voice.

The older generation shares this appreciation for audio entertainment having lived at a time when the radio brought their family together. The radio used to bring their families together to experience audio-entertainment on a regular basis & being part of a radio production meant something.

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Celebrate a Life by Preserving It

This is also a way to celebrate a special birthday of a parent or grandparent, what better way to show you appreciate someone than wanting to preserve their life story?  The production process alone can be a meaningful bonding experience with them, and this will ensure their story lives on and their story is passed on in their voice for generations to come.

DIY vs. Professional production

Choosing to take on such a project yourself is doable, with hundreds of how-to guides available around the web. While those might help guide through the technical aspects of the process –  there are a few substantial benefits one should consider that come with commissioning such a project to a team of professionals.

For those who consume content in audio format on a regular basis – the narration, the well-edited story and the background music that supports the tone of the narrative as it is told. All of these elements are implemented in the customized audio-documentaries that we produce. The advantage of having your family story developed professionally means you are investing in an expertly produced and edited story, that ensures a life story is preserved in an engaging format for the family to enjoy for generations to come.

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