The Benefits of the Audio Format for Documenting Family History

While most are inclined to preserving life stories of their loved ones in the more traditional formats – in writing or in the visual medium of film – we harness the benefits of audio to tell stories in a way that proves to be highly engaging.

If you have ever enjoyed a good audiobook or podcast you can appreciate factors like good narration, background music that bring a tale to life, engage the imagination and the emotions while leaving your hands free to go about mundane everyday tasks. And one isn’t limited to listen alone, audio content can be consumed by more than one person at once and can create a meaningful way to spend time together and connect. This can include people who struggle with reading due to visual impairment or young children who can’t or are still acquiring reading abilities. Stories told in the audio format are accessible to everyone, easy to carry with you on most devices and enjoy at any time.


It is because sound and the human voice are so fundamental to our nature that auditory media are able to affect us so deeply. Think about your favorite music, and how weird it is, on some level, that arrangements of certain frequencies of sound in the form of musical notes can make us feel so many different ways so strongly. Think of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s fireside chats, which revolutionized how a government leader could communicate with the citizenry by giving individuals all around the United States a very intimate sense that their leader was visiting them right in their living rooms. Think of someone you love, their voice, and how nice it is to hear on the phone when you’re sad, alone or away from home.

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Most of all, though, the spoken word is a medium of storytelling.  Throughout human history, stories have been shared from generation to generation, mostly when elder persons share tales of their lives with the young, both to preserve memories and teach lessons.  There is quite literally no older human art than that of spoken family storytelling.

This, fundamentally, is where the Family Sounds podcast finds its roots.  These days each generation experiences a whole paradigm shift in culture, lifestyle and overall experience, making the stories of the elderly that much more novel.  When someone like Louie Ort, whom we recently spoke with, tells the story of emigrating from Europe to the United States on a whim, before even turning a teenager, it affects those in his family who come after and inspires even those of us who never got to meet him.  Of course, a story like Louie’s can only ever be told, because captured imagery would’ve been obscure in his time.  By preserving his memory in audio format, his legacy will remain so long as someone cares to keep it.

The team here at Family Sounds has been working behind the scenes creating audio-content in the form of successful podcasts series in multiple languages. We believe in the benefits this format has to offer. We found we have what to offer when it comes to making wonderful content out of the unique life stories for families and individuals.

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